The MYTE mines were buzzing…

The private token sale crypto thanks

Sounds of metal on rock rang through the chasm, almost covering the occasional sounds of the Mystic Peppers laughing and the heartier singing work songs passed down by their ancestors. Break times were at a minimum, as the deadline for the private MYTE sale loomed closer.

The mines are deep, but with an opening that goes clear to the surface and lights the hub of the mine with warmth and sunlight by day, the sounds and smells carry to the surface so far above.

Carts of the shining blue gems were being wheeled along gleaming rails connecting the legs and arms of the mine to its open center. Ropes and vines, hanging over the edge of the lip of the opening, turn the pulleys for the Peppers tasked to hoist the gems to the surface. Each shining bucket is handled as it were the last of the precious gems cut from the rock below.

With the sale looming, MYTE is surfacing in increasing numbers, while more Peppers, both male and female, (usually those afraid of small spaces or the dark) unload, wash, and polish each by hand to perfection. From there, they are packaged in 5 differently sized chests, that are double-counted and checked for perfection before being locked and signed by the Ghost or Chili tasked with its care.

The three larger chests, Epic, Legendary, and Divine, are each sealed with an additional package, holding a limited-edition piece of art depicting 5 legendary peppers whose stories of deeds and power seem to grow with each generation. The Peppers are proud of their heritage, and while not a large nation, have plenty of stories to tell around the fire when the day’s hard work ends.

As each sealed chest is checked once more before being sent to its final location, usually the closet or dresser of a collector or adventurer with impeccable tastes, as has been done for longer than anyone can remember, a short blessing is recited:

May the hearts of those who’ve touched these gems bring love to you as well, May the souls of those who have gone before, bring wealth to those who sell!

If the chest you have stays sealed and is never to see the light, Here’s to you my unseen friend, may these gems always treat you right!

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A message from the Pepper Attack Team, as our Private Token Sale comes towards its end:

As you receive your chests of MYTE in our private token sale, know that time, love, and true care for those who join us in this adventure is packaged with it as well.

We want to thank all of you who participate, as well as those who own Mystic Pepper NFTs, and want you to know that not only do we deeply care that each token and NFT brings you success, but we appreciate each of you for your support.

Thank You,
The Pepper Attack Team



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