Pepper Attack NFT Game Launches Private, then Public Beta in April

play to earn nft game
Early GUI of the team creation page (can change)

What’s in the Pepper Attack beta?

The closed beta version has features that will show the gameplay experience and open the Pepper holder’s ability to earn MYTE in a fun and competitive manner. (yes! players can earn rewards during the beta phase) Teams of up to five Pepper NFTs will match their skills against teams of from one to five monsters of various strengths and skillsets.

a pepper attack NFT ready to play and earn
An intimidating stance by a Pepper NFT!

How to join the Pepper Attack Open Beta?

The closed/private beta participants have already been determined, but anyone who holds any Pepper Attack NFT will be included in the open beta in a short couple of weeks. Both Mystic or Hero Peppers can be minted or purchased on the OpenSea website.

Made for gamers by gamers!

Pepper Attack has a dedicated development team, a clear roadmap and tokenomics, and is providing a fresh approach to the concept of NFT play to earn gaming. Pepper Attack enjoys a large community of passionate collectors and gamers known as “Pepperfam”.



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