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PEPPER ATTACK & DEACON Z: Nick Cifonie, or “Deacon Z” as he’s known in the NFT Gaming World, has been an avid gamer since setting foot in Ultima Online back in 1997. He is one of the Pepper Attack team.

Pepper Attack is a highly anticipated blockchain-based NFT strategy game releasing in the first half of 2022. Embracing the “play to earn” structure at its core, players can earn real, tradable “MYTE” tokens by playing the game, trading NFTs, buying and selling in the marketplace, or just sending your Mystic Pepper NFT off to mine, bringing tokens back into your wallet daily!

make passive income with nfts
Each Mystic Pepper NFT Owned Receives Daily MYTE Rewards!

Crypto Travels Michael

Today’s episode is about NFTs in gaming. Want to know more about it? You’re gonna want to stick around and do not miss this episode today and the free bonus that we’re giving away. Deacon Z is known in the NFT gaming world; he has been an avid gamer since setting foot in Ultima Online back in 97. He joined the team to help steer the Pepper Attack NFT game into the future. Pepper Attack is a highly anticipated blockchain based NFT strategy game that will be released in the first half of 2022. And it’s embracing the play to earn structure at its core, where players can earn real tradable MYTE tokens by playing the game, trading NFTs by buying and selling in the marketplace, or just sending your mystic pepper NFT off to mine.

As a special free bonus and gift from the team at Pepper Attack. Each listener to this show can receive and claim 100 Free MYTE tokens to claim your free tokens after you listen to this episode. Go to .

I’d like to welcome Deacon from Pepper Attack to the show. Thanks for coming out today. Welcome.

Deacon Z 2:39

Thanks! It’s exciting to be here. I’ve listened to the podcast for some great information you share with the people and I’m just happy that I could join you.

Crypto Travels Michael 2:50

Absolutely, thank you. Tell us a little bit about yourself with Pepper Attack. You’re part of the core team with Pepper Attack. Paint us a picture because we’re going to talk a little bit today about play to earn gaming, and Blockchain games, etc. But give us some background on Pepper Attack.

Deacon Z 3:08

Well, Pepper Attack is a game that’s actually been in production for over two years. It was thought up long ago, actually the CEO or the main developer 20 years ago started playing computer games. And he said he’s always dreamed about being able to sell the items in the computer games legitimately, like he was playing RuneScape, for example. And on our website, it even tells a story about how somebody kind of took him under their wing and taught him how to make money in gold in RuneScape, selling items and weapons and stuff like that. So for many years, he’s had a dream of doing that. But of course, he couldn’t do it. In the old time games, you know, you’d get banned if he were caught. You could sell it and make a lot of gold in the game. But if you tried selling it for real money, you’d get banned or lose your account and all the time you’ve put in and you know, it’s very frustrating. And that’s where the old games all used to be. But now you know blockchain gaming crypto games played around gaming has changed all that. As gaming became more real, you know, the last couple years with NFTs and then the blockchain, they were able to actually put their dream to make their dreams reality and Pepper Attack is a game that will play just like that you’ll be able to play the game adventure through the world. You’ll be able to buy and sell your characters legitimately because you know they’re NFTs, you’ll be able to sell the items in the game, you’ll be able to buy items in the game.

So Pepper Attack, it’s a strategy game where you’ll traverse through the world. You’ll be monsters and chess with rewards and gold and crypto tokens. MYTE is our token that the game is based around. And there’ll be a lot of different types of NFTs and a lot of monsters in the world. And it’s all legit. If you want to sell your weapons, if you want to sell your character, maybe you’re done playing a game or maybe you just want to make some money. You know, a lot of us I’ve been gaming for 25 years that the Ultima Online is when I started. And a lot of us didn’t really fight a lot in the games in the old MMO games, multi massively. What is a multiplayer MMORPG. I can’t even remember online role playing games as the last few. But a lot of people just play the market. They become filthy rich within the game. Only in the game though, right? This allows people who are creative and know how to buy and sell creatively to turn that gold inside of the game or MYTE as it’s called in Pepper Attack into real world cash by trading it for Ethereum.

free airdropped tokens
Playing the Game Earns Rewards as Well!

Crypto Travels Michael 6:04

Okay, awesome. So, Deacon Z, tell me what for some of our listeners that are not so familiar with play to earn gaming, what… you’ve been playing games for more than two decades, so I can have anyone better paint this picture and define this for us. But what is play to earn gaming or play to earn crypto gaming? What does that mean?

Deacon Z 6:28

It means, you know, it started the… first term was play and earn and, and I guess the way it used to be, it was pay to play like for the last 20 years, computer games, a lot of mobile games was paid a play, you pay, you buy the game, and now you can play. Well… the inner nothing, that’s just the internet, but the blockchain has turned, paid to play into play to earn. So now many of these games, you can start off totally for free. And by playing the game, you earn money. And another term that’s kind of jumped off of that is play and earn the first, like the first crypto games that came out. To be frank, they weren’t very fun, you’d sit down for maybe 10 or 15 minutes a day, you’d run through what you call your dailies. They were the same every day, but just by doing it and let you make a little bit of money just by playing the game, even if it wasn’t fun, right.

But now let’s play and learn because the games are getting so advanced now that they’re actually games that people would pay to play even if they couldn’t earn but there’s so much fun to play now you can also learn so it’s kind of went from play to earn to play and earn. And there’s a lot of different ways to make money in the different ways to earn games so there’s a lot of different types of games to earn games. There’s the the 3D games like The fighting games and the MOBAs you know, similar to like League of Legends, there’s blockchain games coming out like that there’s games coming out that are like the MMOs are the you know massively multiplayer online role playing games there, I got massively multiplayer online role playing games. I’m so and there’s like, there’s also card games that you could play online now and earn money with that are similar to Magic the Gathering, but you can buy and sell your cards for a profit.

There’s Splinterlands, which is one of those games. There’s a new one coming out Doctor Who that’s an incredible game. And of course, you’ve probably heard the name Metaverse tossed around. You know, since Facebook a couple of weeks ago, I guess it is close to a month ago, I decided to change the name of meta. There’s a handful of games now where you’re not only buying your, your characters and your weapons and your armor and your potions, but you actually buy the land that you play in. And then if you’re a landowner, you could rent that land to other people who might want to buy and sell items on that land. You can start a shop on that land yourself. You can build games and some of these metaverses. You know, it’s called a play to earn metaverse where you actually own the earth and you can build your own. The biggest is probably Sandbox. A few. But Sandbox is based on Minecraft so you know, I know 1000s. You know, everyone knows not everyone but anyone who’s into gaming… who’s a gamer knows pretty much what Minecraft is.

Blankos is a Collectable NFT Game

Well, Sandbox is Minecraft on the blockchain. So people that own a piece of land there in the metaverse that is Sandbox. They can build a Minecraft world on their land and charge people to enter and pay rewards, collect a feed, do whatever, whatever you want to do. And as far as making the money, there’s so many different ways. It varies like for example, Pepper Attack different ways to make money. You can make money just by playing the game. And when I say make money, it’s not like we send you a check at the end of the week. you have to learn a little bit about the blockchain, you have to get a Metamask wallet. And by playing the game, you earn tokens which our token is called MYTE - M-Y-T-E.

And so you can make money in Pepper Attack by just playing the game and going through the game, beating monsters, opening chests. And then another way to make money that a lot of games have it’s called mining or staking, you know, you’ll hear staking referred to in different ways, but in our game it’s mining. And by owning a certain type of NFT, that we call a mystic pepper NFT you’re able to. I joke that if you had seven mystic pepper NFTs you’d be like snow white, and you’d send your Peppers off to mine in the morning. And basically you choose you have to play a little game to get started, right it’s for your character to start mining, you have to go online, log into the game play a little game we call the mining game. And then your character mints… mints the token that’s it’s a you know, the token that’s on the Ethereum blockchain, and every day just by owning that mystic pepper, money comes into your wallet, or tokens come into your wallet. Of course, you can swap those tokens at any time for Ethereum. Cashed in for real cash.

So you can make money playing the game, you can make money in arcane pepper tech by mining with your peppers. That’s pretty passive, it’s actually totally passive. You can earn money by flipping your characters, for example, you buy an NFT character. And over time, the value of the characters goes up, which is what we’re seeing now in Pepper Attack. So some people will buy more than they want to play with. And they’ll sell them later for a profit. You can make money. In our game, we have what we call pepper art, which is additional NFTs you know, you know how in games, there’s Lore, The story game. In Pepper Attack, we have the story of, you know, the Pepper Attack story, the Lore, but we’re creating NFT artwork to tell that story in images. And it’s some of the most beautiful art that I’ve seen. Every time I see one, it’s better than the one before it, we’ve, I believe, three out now.

So some people might not play the game, they might just buy an NFT and let it make them money every day from mining. But other people are going to fall in love with the art, and earn money that way. Because there’s only like, I think we’re only producing 200 of each of the pepper art. So it’s gonna go up as a collector’s item. Other people will just save the tokens, because obviously, when the tokens come out at the beginning, they’re not worth much. But over time, as more people play the game, the value of the tokens go up in that it’d be just like collecting Ethereum or Bitcoin.

We have a marketplace that will be open and you can buy and sell like I was talking about, like, for example, people who played World of Warcraft and really loved play in the market there they’ll be able to do that same thing in Pepper Attack and and there’s also gonna be offline uses for our token might you might pay for services and products and services offline. So Pepper Attack is the only game that does this. I’m of course biased, but there’s just so many different ways to make money in today’s games. What I mentioned there, that’s just a handful. That’s like we’re just scratching the surface.

MYTE Distribution Chart for Owners

Crypto Travels Michael 13:47

Let me ask you what are NFTs? or what are NFTs with utility? We hear a lot of talk in industry these days with you know Is that NFTs with utility is needed or NFTs with utility? Can you sort of define that for our listeners?

Deacon Z 15:10

Yeah. Um, when NFTs first came out and NFTs, they’re new in the, in the big in the, you know, in the overall picture there, we’re still in its infancy, we, we kind of joke that we’re still in the wild wild west of NFTs. And because of that, you have to be careful, there’s people that will take advantage of you and get, you know, sell you something fake and things like that. So maybe that’s, maybe we could do another podcast on that someday. But the first NFTs that came out three or four years ago, you’ve probably heard of the Crypto Kitties or… the Punks, you know that or there’s a series of different Ape NFTs. For the most part, they were just pictures, they were collectible images that, um, went up in value, if you know they would sell out. And then if you wanted one, you had to pay a little bit more.

And there’s still a lot of NFTs that come out that are just a picture. But utility is when your NFT actually also does something like, for example, in Pepper Attack. Some people will buy our NFT’s we only have 10,000 of the mystic pepper, NFTs, and some people will just buy them because they like the way they look and they’ll collect them. But the utility for our NFT is you can also play the game with it, you know, it’ll allow you a place in the game.

Other types of utilities that are built at NFTs are like artwork. And when I say artwork, true artwork, not just NFT artwork, like a lot of nowadays, people are putting what you call Rembrandt and all those guys, the great artists, they’ll make collections of those. But also NFTs are being made with music. So not only is there a pretty picture on it, but you click a button and you listen to music. And I think in a few more years, it’s just starting to take off now. But most music will be bought and sold on NFT. So is where like when I was a kid, we bought eight tracks and that finally turned to cassette tapes, which evolved to CDs.

And now you know we have you know, Apple and you know, we listen to music on cell phones. I really feel because it protects the music industry and it protects the musicians and lets them get the true royalties from their music, that someday we’ll all the music we all listen to I guess we’ll collect music. We’ll collect NFTs that have our favorite music on it. Like we used to collect cassette tapes and CD. There’s tickets that you could buy on NFTs. Like for example, the Chicago Blackhawks, they have NFTs that they’re collecting NFTs but they also get you into a game. Playboy just came out with a collection of NFTs. They’re really cool looking. And they’re not what you’d think, right? When you say Playboy, you kind of think they’ll be centerfolds, right? Well, they’re not. They’re they’re images of little bunnies. They’re the Playboy Bunny. And some of them have glasses on to different hats and clothing and different colors and masks and some of the holding of drink. And some of them are holding a cigar, right? They’re really cool. But if you own one of those Playboy NFTs, they just had a party in Miami last weekend, anyone that owned one of those Playboy NFTs could go to that party and get free entry to the Playboy party. And there was also one in New York,

Crypto Travels Michael 18:45

My friend just launched a brand called House of Rare and it’s the first world’s first limited reserve tequila label, where there’s, in order to acquire one of the one of the rare bottles, you have to purchase the NFT and there’s only 777 of those NFTs will ever exist. And they too just had like a yacht party in Miami down there for the event. And, you know, people that came on the boat were only people that had, you know, purchased the NFT. And then essentially what they’re doing is in order to receive your bottle, you know, your rare tequila bottle, you redeem it with NFT and they also receive lifetime access is sort of like a membership into their community. And it’s also rare, so they’re going to release you know, other items in addition to the Tequila, other rare items that will be limited in the future. So that’s just as you were talking there with some of the others, it just that’s just one that came to mind. You know.

Deacon Z 19:49

Yeah, I think I’ve heard of that. And like there’s videos, now there’s a video. I think it’s on Netflix actually where I think they sold 2000 of them. See You actually get an NFT that has this current. It’s a cartoon of Apes, which seems to be everyone’s favorite these days. But you own one of 2000 originals, and you actually can see it. I think it’s on Netflix, if it’s stuff, Netflix, it’s somewhere else. But there’s NFTs that have sports moments on them, like, you might watch Shaquille O’Neal dunk to win a game or something, they’re like 20-second Sports Clips, those are selling for $100,000- $200,000. There’s books that are at NFTs where you buy the NF T and it gives you the entire book. There’s so much and so much of it’s changing. I mean, I really think someday, if you just buy a ticket for a concert, or a sporting event, or a movie, you’re going to get an NFT. And you’re going to have to show them your NFT to get into the theater, because it’s so secure, you know, it can’t be copied, and that type of thing. And then there’s DAOs, which is a whole nother story. You know, it’s a group of people that by the entity, you become part of this group, and you have voting rights. And a DAO just tried to buy a copy of the declaration of Independence. And, here in Dallas trying to buy a sports team. There’s so many examples.

free NFT airdrops — playboy NFT

Crypto Travels Michael 21:23

What do you think the future holds for NFTs of what we’ll see in the future? Besides, you know, some of the some of the examples we talked about? Any other things that you see?

Deacon Z 21:34

You name it. I mean, I remember 10 Not even 25 years ago, when the internet first came out. People were saying, Oh, it’s a fad. You know, the internet’s a fad. And then a little while after that you started to hear well, you know, if you own a business, you better have a website. And some people said all that’s ridiculous, and some people bought in. Well, now we know. If you own a business, you better have a website. Right. And, and we know the internet isn’t a fad, I think the blockchain started out like that 1015 years ago, whenever it started. And now the development of NFTs is just taken a step further. And while right now I think most people you walk up to on the street won’t know what an NFT is. But in five years, 10 years, I think it’s the same thing. I think everyone we work with NFTs are, we love collecting, like, you know, like we used to collect baseball cards and Magic the Gathering cards, that’s all going to be on NFTs. I think that they all come or if you own a business, if you’re not using NFTs in your business, you’ll be out of luck. And I think that they’ll come where, you know, now we show each other our Facebook, we have social media, I really think we’ll be looking at each other’s NFT wallets to learn about one another. So I think the sky’s the limit. It’s and you know, my knowledge of NFTs is so small compared to what else is out there. And I just think the future will be NFTs and the blights… Like they’re calling, they’re calling the blockchain now web 3.0. And, I think everything is going to be based on NFT someday.

Crypto Travels Michael 23:13

Absolutely. Well, thanks for thanks for sharing some of that. Is there. Is there anything you want to add regarding what you and your team have going and Pepper Attack that we haven’t covered?

Deacon Z 23:23

Well, I would suggest this if you’re new to NFTs Pepper Attack would be a great place. Of course, I’m biased but it would be a great place for you to start considering starting with a game. You’ll have to learn how to buy an NFT and how to get a crypto currency wallet but we’ve got some great people in our Discord. And Discord is where we chat and share all kinds of stuff. Right now we’ve got a big event going on. And depending on when this is aired, it’s a 12 Days of Christmas event and we’re giving away five NFTs a day we’re playing games every day, we’re actually going to give away 50 prizes at the end worth close to $20,000. So we have these all the time. We had pepper Palooza a couple months ago. So if you’re considering getting into NFTs, why not start with a game? I think Pepper Attack could be a great place, come and say hi I’m Deacon Z, we’re here to help. And you know, you could learn a couple of utilities, you could play the game with the NFTs or you could mind with the NFT and make some of our token every day so, it’d be a good place to start.

Crypto Travels Michael 24:28

Absolutely. We’ll have the episode Blog Post page on the website with all of the links you know for everyone to be able to reach out to you and to your team and as well as your guys’ website.

Deacon Z 24:41

Yeah, it’s at

Crypto Travels Michael 24:42

Yes, we thank you for coming out… coming out today and you know sitting down with us and in going over the depth of not only what you have going on Pepper Attack but gaming and play to earn gaming and NFTs it’s an exciting time in in crypto and you know In this area of crypto

Deacon Z 25:01

It is you know, and thanks so much for having me. I love sharing. You can probably tell I’m getting a little worked up. I start talking a little fast but I’m really passionate about the NFT industry and the blockchain. And would love to help anyone in your community with any questions or anything else they have in the future. Thanks so much for letting me join you.

Crypto Travels Michael 25:21

Thank you, Deacon Z for coming out. And if you like today’s episode, definitely like and subscribe to the podcast. We’re working hard to bring you quality content and interview people like Deacon Z on the show. And so chime in here tomorrow for another special episode. Until then, make it a great day.

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Pepper Attack is a play to earn NFT game now in beta testing!

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Pepper Attack is a play to earn NFT game now in beta testing!

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