Pepper Attack Moves to Polygon/Matic!

The Pepperfam Helps Save $300,000

Not only did the community support the move, but some of the suggestions from Pepperfam members helped perfect it. Since the game is still in development, launching the game itself on the Polygon Network didn’t propose much of a problem. There was an issue however, because close to 8,000 of the NFTs were already minted and living on the Ethereum side.

New “Legend Medal” NFT will be left in its place!

In addition, each NFT moved to Polygon will leave in its place a collectable NFT that not only will be free to each member, but be used in the future as a key that opens the door to other benefits in the Pepper Realm, the “Legend Medal”… since we believe all of our “OG” Pepperfam members are legends!

  • Go to the Pepper Attack website, found at
  • Proceed to the bridge page
  • Click “Bridge All” and be connected to Metamask
  • Accept the nominal fee and confirm the move
  • Receive your identical NFT on the Matic Network
  • Enjoy the “Legend Medal” medal in its place



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