How to get MATIC to your Polygon wallet?

Pepper Attack
2 min readJan 17, 2022


The Polygon network is getting more popular as play-to-earn games such as Pepper Attack and Sandbox choose Polygon as the platform for high-volume gaming.

On Polygon, you need MATIC in your wallet to pay for transaction fees. However, getting MATIC is not always straightforward. Here are three methods to get MATIC to your wallet.

1. Transfer MATIC from an exchange

Buying MATIC and transferring it from a centralized exchange to your wallet using Polygon Network is the most cost-effective method. (Houbi, Kraken, etc. also support that)

See our video guide here:

For detailed information refer to cryptocurrency withdrawal, please contact your exchange support team or read their guidelines.

Remember to use the Polygon Network when you transfer MATIC!

2. Buying MATIC with credit cards

Websites such as allow you to MATIC with a bank card, or exchange another token for MATIC, then transfer the MATIC straight to Metamask. Make sure to choose the POLY/MATIC option. Once there, swap MATIC for ETH.


3. Move MATIC from ETH Mainnet

  • Swap ETH for MATIC on the Ethreum Mainnet using your Metamask Swap function.
  • Bridge MATIC to Polygon (details below)
  • Visit:
  • Choose MATIC Token & enter the amount and hit Transfer.
  • The next window is the transfer costs. If you are good with the costs click Continue.
  • Once your transfer is completed you will now see your MATIC balance populate under the MATIC network.



Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack is a play to earn NFT game now in beta testing!