Hero Pepper vs Mystic Peppers — the Differences and Rarities Explained

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A Mystic Pepper and Hero Pepper meet in a bar…

As the NFT game Pepper Attack grows on a regular basis, new players and friends join the “Pepperfam” and go Pepper shopping. At the time, there are questions that seems to pop up often. More and more we see “wat is best to buy?”, “how do I learn about rarities?”, or “which Pepper is better?”.

Unfortunately… or perhaps even fortunately, the answer tends to be “it depends”. The “fortunately” comes from the fact that there are NFTs in the Pepper Attack metaverse for just about everyone.

The mining ability of the Mystic Pepper NFT can easily attract the investor who prefers passive rewards. While it’s fully playable in-game, a better option for most is simply mining with (staking) your Mystic Pepper to be rewarded with up to 4500 MYTE tokens per month.

However, while the Mystic Pepper, the first NFT introduced into Pepper Attack in 2021 “can” be played in-game, that option may be better suited for the newer Hero Pepper NFT. Minted at 1/10th the cost of the Mystic, the Hero Pepper fills a more active role, earning more its rewards through battles and peer-to-peer competition.

While Pepper Attack was developed with a play-to-earn strategy game at its core, both Mystic and Hero Pepper NFTs can simply be collected as well. So even if someone has no real interest in the game itself, Pepper Attack can provide a fulfilling option for a NFT collector to buy and hold, flip, or otherwise profit at their own will.

I assume you’re starting to see why the answer to “what Pepper is best?” can easily be “it depends”… so let’s break it down to specific Pepper types and what makes each stand out.

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The Pepper that started it all

As shown above, the Mystic Pepper NFT can be used to compete in the Pepper Attack Tournaments, but the overwhelming percentage are sent off to the mines to win passive rewards.

Mining is simple! All Mystic Pepper NFTs earn the same passive rewards, regardless of their statistics. They can earn a higher daily token amount by agreeing to have them sent off to the mines for a longer period of time, but that is determined on a case-by case basis, not by any characteristic of the NFT itself.

Yes, you’ll see attributes on your Mystic Pepper like attack, evasion, defense, and hit points. You’ll also see physical attributes that are more or less rare, like varying noses, ears stalks (hair) and the like, as well as statuses from Heroic to Royal… but they do absolutely nothing to your mining skill.

The highest and most rare Mystic Pepper will do nothing more for your mining success than the lowest. So if you want the most consistent “set it and forget it” kind of NFT, grab some Mystics, and collect your rewards at the reset… which can be as infrequently as once every 6 months!

As of this writing, since MYTE has not yet had its IDO, (public offering)the ONLY way to acquire MYTE other than playing the beta game, is with a Mystic Pepper… and the Mystic is MUCH more consistent. You can mint one by clicking here if you’re so inclined…

And if you “do” prefer to grab some that have more “collectable” attributes for flipping or future resale, you can look for ones with a higher number of skill points… or “more” attributes than others.

For the most part, those are controlled by the classes of the Peppers, from “Heroic to Royal”. While in some instances the sum total of skill points overlap, you can get the best feel for their rarities on the chart below, or by visiting this site found here. The less of the class created, the more value. Simple, right?

So not only will the “Royal Habanero” be more valuable for a collector or flipper, but should have a higher number of skill points as well. However like explained prior, any Class Mystic Pepper will mine the same number of those nuggets of goodness… the token MYTE… as any other!

But the Hero Pepper NFT is nothing to sneeze at

Having said that, if you’re more of a fighter than a miner (I wish I could have worked in ‘if you’re more of a lover than a fighter!’) you’ll want to be looking at the Hero Pepper NFTs. Hero Peppers are the forward force of the game, and the initial Heros are Bell, Chilli, Habanero, Ghost, and Reaper… followed by the first “Lady Pepper”, Purira.

The game is in open beta, and owning as little as one Pepper will get you in on the action. However, to compete on a higher level and earn more of the token MYTE, we suggest a minimum of five Hero NFTs, since you can play with up to five at one time. To compete on a top-ten level, we suggest your “starting” lineup of five Heros, with a few more as backup.

The initial release of 6,000 Hero Peppers include the 6 types listed above, and while none are “better” than the others, (nor will more of these names be produced) no two Habanero or any other Pepper type, are alike. Like the Mystics, the Hero Peppers have the attributes of Hit Points, Energy, Speed, Attack and others, and can be more or less judged, or “ranked” in two different ways.

Both collections range, in standard MMOPG/RPG style, from common, or brown, to rare/blue, epic/purple, and finally legendary/gold. Each step up the ladder can give you not only more attributes (or stat points) but a higher total/combined stat points as well. Be cautious though, because the total points per Pepper can vary, and it’s possible for them to overlap.

For example, a really strong rare/blue, can have more skill points than a weaker epic/purple. In addition, the “GP” or Growth Points of a Pepper, determined by level, indicates the potential expansion of points using “boosts”, to be introduced further down the line. (along with pvp, animated battles, action skills, and much more)

In addition to the total number of stat points, you’ll also want to take a look at the individual levels of the particular Pepper skills. Some Pepper types are created with higher natural attributes than others in a particular category. For example, the “Habanero” Pepper will have more vitality… or Hit Points… and the “Chilli” will have more Attack skills than the others.

You can learn more about individual stats and classes by reading the Whitepaper… or the “white-pepper” found by clicking here.

how to determine what nfts are better

In short, when trying to decide of which to get, here’s are some simple thoughts to help you make your decision:

  • If you enjoy both passive rewards AND playing the game, you would own a nice amount of Mystic Peppers to mine with, as well as a minimum of 5–10 or more Hero Peppers to play the game.
  • If you simply want passive rewards or collection value without having to actively play, just grab some Mystic Pepper NFTs, send them to the mines and check back in 6 months.
  • If you only want to play the game and dominate the leaderboard while earning some MYTE as well, build yourself a team of Hero NFTs. (I suggest 12–15 for maximum ownage)

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