Hero Pepper NFTs - Something for Everyone!

With the March 27th Launch of Hero NFTs, the Pepper Attack Game Now Has Something for Everyone

The Pepper Attack play-to-earn game has announced the launch of the new and collectable “Pepper Hero” NFTs, a collection of 6000 generative NFTs living on the Polygon blockchain. This is the second such release of game-playable NFTs for the franchise. The first was the “Mystic Pepper” collection released in 2021.

The new 6000 Hero NFTs will be available for minting at a special “beta” cost of only 0.015 WETH each. They will be for sale exclusively on the Pepper Attack website on a “first come” basis on March 27th, and then for secondary sales on the OpenSea website, the world’s largest digital marketplace for non-fungible tokens.

Over time, gaming NFTs have evolved from collectible images without any usage, to a token that earns passive rewards, and now to a token with extensive in-game utilities limited only by the imagination. Pepper Attack has successfully made a statement by delving into all three NFT use types, thus providing a one-stop shop for investors, collectors, or players alike.

Pepper Attack has emerged to provide “something for everyone”, by offering multiple exciting and potentially profitable NFT options. Pepper NFTs can simply be collected and held by a collector, or just as passively, used to “mine” the game’s token MYTE for daily rewards. Additionally, as in the case of the new Hero NFTs, owners can choose to actively play the game and earn tokens in this manner as well!

Pepper NFT Holders Invited to the Open Beta

The Pepper Attack team has created its next generation of digital art that includes six unique NFT characters with individual and unique stats and rarity levels. Owning a Pepper Hero will also give users an exclusive invitation to help shape the creation of the game in the open beta, starting in early April.

The first of many pepper characters to come include Chilli Pepper, Ghost Pepper, Habanero Pepper, Purira, (the first Lady Pepper) Reaper Pepper, and finally, Bell Pepper.

Stats are randomly generated upon minting, and can also be boosted with in-game items. These include Attack, Energy, Vitality, Evasion, Defense, Speed, and Critical Hit capabilities. Rarity levels include common, rare, epic, and legendary, and are determined by “Growth Points”, also generated randomly at minting.

Like the 10000 “Mystic Pepper” NFTs launched in 2021, Hero Pepper owners will have the ability to use them inside of the Pepper Attack metaverse in the full release as well.

About Pepper Attack

“Made for gamers by gamers”, Pepper Attack has a dedicated dev team, a clear roadmap and tokenomics, and is providing a growing niche a fresh approach to the concept of NFT play to earn gaming. Pepper Attack enjoys a large community of passionate collectors and gamers known as “Pepperfam”.

Pepper Attack is created by a dedicated and passionate “indy” dev team, commonly found in their Discord answering questions and communicating with the community. The game lives on the Polygon blockchain, a move recently made to minimize the fees paid for minting and other game-related transactions to pennies.

Both Mystic and Hero Pepper owners can collect in-game currency, participate in the Pepper Attack ecosystem, earn token rewards for playing the game, and more. “Mystic Pepper” holders also enjoy passive daily rewards.

With a clear roadmap and tokenomics, Pepper Attack is providing a fresh approach to the concept of NFT play to earn gaming.

Learn More at: https://pepperattack.com/

Join us and chat on Discord: https://discord.gg/pepperattack

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pepper_attack

Pepper Attack is a play to earn NFT game now in beta testing! https://pepperattack.com

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Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack is a play to earn NFT game now in beta testing! https://pepperattack.com

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