Aurora Rising! Available from August 12th through August 14th!

the new NFT aurora limited
The limited Hero NFT “Aurora” is available one last time!

Who is Aurora, in the Pepper Attack World?

Aurora is a wise druid who has devoted her life to protecting nature. Secretive about her past but rumored among those who view her from afar, legend says she was raised by a mythical beast and can speak with any animal.

Aurora is an advanced brewer and alchemist, and while you can find an impressive array of both brews and potions both in her hut and secured to her belt, it’s wise to know the difference!

A master of energy and the regenerative arts, her unique skill is to fill the energy bars of her teammates, allowing them to burn, heal, or slice more often.

nft gamefi play to earn

Pepper Attack NFTs! Relive the Fantasy!

We believe there is a child in everyone who is still excited about dragons and fairies, or an adventurer ready to leave the mundanity to embark on a new journey. For this reason, we have been filling the Pepper World with mysterious creatures, shiny treasures, and thrilling stories to let your imagination to run wild.



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